What to Bring and What to Wear

To ensure a seamless educational experience at SSLM, please note the following:

  • It is a good idea to bring your own towels, an mp3 player, notebooks, paper, pencils and pens, a loose-leaf binder (preferably black 1/2” for exam), staff paper, a tuning fork (“A” tuning forks will be available for sale at the school if you don’t have one), a small portable fan and an alarm clock. You might want to use flip-flops in the dormitory showers. A small portable keyboard is nice to have.

  • Ladies should wear skirts or dresses at least knee length; they do not have to be to the floor. You may also wish to bring a headcovering for church, but this is not mandatory, and you will in any case not be asked to required to wear it in the classroom setting. Gentlemen should wear pants, not shorts. T-shirts and tops should be tasteful with sleeves of a reasonable length. It does get hot and muggy, but with the weather being unpredictable, light sweater or jacket is advisable for evenings.

  • For the Conducting Final on July 30, all female students are asked to wear white blouses and black skirts, and all male students are asked to wear white shirts and black slacks (or a cassock, if you have one). 2nd and 3rd year students who are conducting should wear long sleeves.