Continuing Education

2014 graduates

SSLM offers a variety of continuing education opportunities, available to anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge in the area of liturgical music, whether you are a conductor, singer, reader, or just interested in learning more.  These include workshops, bootcamps, and symposia on various related topics, in collaboration with local parishes on an invitation basis.


Some of our past parish-based events include:

  • Intonation Bootcamp in Methuen, MA
  • Intonation Bootcamp in Washington, DC
  • Eight-Tone Saturday workshop in Nanuet, NY
  • Liturgical Music Symposium in Washington, DC, under the auspices of the Synodal Liturgical Music Commission
  • Liturgical Music Symposium in Blountville, TN

Through this program, SSLM faculty prepares a two-to-three-day curriculum based on the specific needs of the inviting parish, in collaboration with the parish rector and choir conductor. For specific details, please reach out to us at


The school also occasionally offers a Continuing Education Program as part of its regular July summer session, in which alumni are able to further enhance their knowledge during a week of intense study and participation in the life of the school and the monastic surroundings.