The SSLM’s offerings include a) its flagship three-year Core Program leading to certification as a singer, singer-precentor, or precentor-choir conductor, b) the Pastoral Bridge Program for students of the ROCOR Pastoral School of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America, c) the Individual Study plan, d) Online education options, e) Continuing Education, and f) Bootcamps.

We offer courses in three categories:  

  • A purely musical component (Music Theory and Musicianship, Choir Conducting Techniques, Voice Class)

  • Courses focusing on the history of Russian Orthodox liturgical music (History of Russian Church Music)

  • Practical classes meant to equip singers with the tools necessary to properly carry out liturgical services in the Russian Orthodox tradition (Church Slavonic, Typicon, and Liturgical Performance Practice).

The courses are designed in close collaboration between faculty members, and are interrelated so  that information learned in each class is directly relevant to knowledge acquired in the others. Attentive students are therefore guaranteed a comprehensive understanding of the living Russian Orthodox Liturgical Music tradition, and the skills needed to conduct, sing and read beautifully in their own church choir lofts.

Instruction is given in English and in Russian, depending on the linguistic makeup of the student body each year. While knowledge of Russian is helpful, it is not essential for study.  Simultaneous translation is provided when necessary.