Individual Study Plan

At SSLM, we welcome all those who wish to learn something about the Russian Liturgical Music tradition. For some people, this may mean just coming for two weeks and taking a few classes a la carte without the pressures of enrolling in the full certification program. In this case, simply follow the standard Core Program registration procedure, and indicate that you do not, at this time, wish to pursue certification. The cost for tuition is $150 per individual class, in addition to the standard fee of $700 for room and board, payable upon arrival, no later than the introductory session.

Participation in choir class is mandatory for all students, and does not count towards tuition charges. You will also have access private voice lessons at a charge of $35 per half hour should you wish to take them.

Note: All classes you pass as an Individual Study student do count towards the completion of certification, if you eventually decide that you wish to pursue this route.

Please Note: Individual Study students may take Church Slavonic for English Speakers and Music Theory online through SSLM without coming to the summer session in person. The cost is $275 per online class. If you wish to take Typicon without enrolling for certification, you must take Typicon I in person during the summer session before being eligible for enrollment for the online portion of Typicon II and III (if you then choose to move to the certification track you will still be required to take part in the live year II and year III practicum to achieve full credit for this class).