Core Program

The SSLM Core Program is spread over three years, anchored by yearly two-week summer sessions (traditionally held in July) and two years of guided, semi-independent study in between years I and II, and years II and III. The program leads to three possible certificates, with the requirements designed to reflect individual students’ interests and abilities: (1) Singer (Певчий) (2) Singer-Precentor (Певчий-Псаломщик) (3) Conductor-Precentor (Регент-Псаломщик).

The expectation is that all students will enter the program on track for certification as “Певчий/Singer.” After the completion of the Year I summer session, students will be, in a preliminary fashion, placed in one of the three tracks, depending on their personal goals, parish circumstances, as well as level of musical preparation. The point is not to differentiate one track as “better”/”more prestigious” than the rest, but rather to match the needs/abilities of the student with the appropriate pedagogical approach. Placement will include a consideration of the student’s performance during the Year I summer session as well as an interview by faculty/administration with the student to ascertain goals/circumstances. Given that these can change, students will have the flexibility to switch tracks between Years II and III if necessary/optimal.