Irina du Quenoy

Irina duQuenoyIrina du Quenoy’s life in Russian liturgical music began when she was brought as a child by her parents to the choir loft of the San Francisco cathedral (ROCOR), and continued in various parishes as far flung as Boston, Chicago, Budapest, Paris and Beirut, among others. Since 2007 she has conducted church choirs in Washington, DC, Beirut, Budapest, and more recently has been conducting occasional weekday services on the kliros at the Holy Virgin Protection cathedral in Des Plaines, Illinois. In addition to singing, reading and conducting, she has also been working on setting liturgical music in English (some of which is currently being sung at the St. John the Baptist cathedral in DC), as well as arranging music for women’s ensembles. She served as Associate Director of the Summer School of Liturgical Music for more than a decade and has, since December of 2019, been appointed Vice President and Associate Director of the Synodal School of Liturgical Music.